Why Choose CJA?

Work Ethic and Respect for One Another

The athletes at CJA strive for success and work very hard as a team to accomplish their goals. Drama is left at the door.

Family Atmosphere

Every coach knows every athlete’s name even if they are on a different team. Your child is not viewed as a number, but rather a very important member of a huge family.

Famous Parents!

CJA parents are “stars in the stands” and second to none. One would never know who has a child on the senior team and who has one on the youth team. Thunderous chants, cheers, and applause fill the arena when each team performs because every parent is up on their feet for every child.

A Coaching Staff of Teachers

Almost every coach at CJA is a teacher or is in the process of becoming a teacher. Like any strong educator, we push our athletes to their fullest potential while recognizing and accommodating their diverse needs.

Convenient Locations

CJA is centrally located just minutes from the Garden State Parkway, NJ Turnpike, Route 1 and 9, Route 22, and Route 78.

Individual Recognition

Immediately after each competition’s award ceremony, coaches, team members, and parents convene for our own “awards ceremony”. Coaches address the team and review the day’s performances and outcomes. Then, one special athlete from each team is rewarded with the team trophy based on their outstanding performance that day or weekend. Any important news or information is shared at that time, too.

Annual Program Banquet

At the end of each season, we have an annual program banquet to recognize each cheerleader, the coaches, gymnastics trainers, and parents. This is a celebration of the year’s events that includes all team members and their families.

A Winning Reputation

If you are impressed with winning, then CJA is a great place to be. Over the years, each team has won several local, state, regional, and national titles and grand championship titles. You’ll find that the athletes who graduate from the CJA program are also “winners” in the real world as they prepare for their college careers or for the workforce.