Why CJA?

Why CJA?



Work Ethic and Respect for One Another

The athletes at CJA strive for success and work very hard as a team to accomplish their goals. Drama is left at the door.

Family Atmosphere

Every coach knows every athlete's name even if they are on a different team. Your child is not viewed as a number, but rather a very important member of a huge family.

Famous Parents!

CJA parents are "stars in the stands" and second to none. One would never know who has a child on the senior team and who has one on the youth team. Thunderous chants, cheers, and applause fill the arena when each team performs because every parent is up on their feet for every child.

A Coaching Staff of Teachers

Almost every coach at CJA is a teacher or is in the process of becoming a teacher. Like any strong educator, we push our athletes to their fullest potential while recognizing and accommodating their diverse needs.

Convenient Locations

CJA is centrally located just minutes from the Garden State Parkway, NJ Turnpike, Route 1 and 9, Route 22, and Route 78.

Individual Recognition

Immediately after each competition's award ceremony, coaches, team members, and parents convene for our own "awards ceremony". Coaches address the team and review the day's performances and outcomes. Then, one special athlete from each team is rewarded with the team trophy based on their outstanding performance that day or weekend. Any important news or information is shared at that time, too.

Annual Program Banquet

At the end of each season, we have an annual program banquet to recognize each cheerleader, the coaches, gymnastics trainers, and parents. This is a celebration of the year's events that includes all team members and their families.

A Winning Reputation

If you are impressed with winning, then CJA is a great place to be. Over the years, each team has won several local, state, regional, and national titles and grand championship titles. You'll find that the athletes who graduate from the CJA program are also "winners" in the real world as they prepare for their college careers or for the workforce.



"During my years working with CJA, I can honestly say I have made a life-long bond. Each time I walk into the gym, I am greeted with warm hugs, big smiles, and the utmost respect from all the athletes and staff. The atmosphere at CJA is that of well-oiled machine. When the athletes arrive, they know what is expected of them and they work hard to not only uphold but exceed those expectations. I am constantly in awe of how well the gym is run, how professional the staff is, how immaculate the facility is, and how coachable and attentive the athletes are. Working with CJA is so rewarding because I know that the coaches and athletes are willing to do whatever it takes to help their team and teammates be as successful as possible. I am beyond blessed for the opportunity to work with one of the country's best gyms and am utterly thankful for my relationship with Patty Ann and the rest of my CJA family... It really is a love like no other!" - Paul Beck, Choreographer (Formerly of The Stingray Allstars)


"Central Jersey Allstars is an excellant program that not only focusses on developing athletes for world class competitions, but also instills values associated with team and family." - J. Del Vecchio

"We moved from another state and our daughter cheered for 4 previous seasons with a different program. Since joining CJA our daughter is a 2 time World’s finalist and bronze medalist.

But aside from the amazing competition results here are the reasons we love CJA:
  1. Coaching top to bottom is unmatched. Daughter improved quickly and dramatically. Most coaches have been with CJA for at least a decade and there’s virtually zero turnover. 
  2. Everything that’s important to winning and maximizing your child’s talent is 1st rate. From the uniforms, custom music, choreography and workshops and clinics, you immediately know it’s a world class program
  3. “Real” team and family atmosphere. Every single team’s parents root for every team. Creates a beautiful culture and relationships with ALL parents and athletes regardless of their competition level
  4. No Drama and favoritism. Negative chatter with the athletes and PARENTS is quickly and definitively squashed and kids EARN their team placements and positions.
  5. “Life lessons” over cheer. Coaches encourage leadership within each team and continuously address character, work ethic, perseverance and attitude as keys to success to life
  6. Media Savvy. The CJA brand is top notch and represented beautifully on all popular social media platforms. Tons of amazing photos and videos capture a lifetime’s worth of content for families.
CJA has made me a better Cheer Dad. When you watch your child and see a hundred people screaming and cheering for them you feel obligated to reciprocate and cheer their kid’s teams. A funny thing happens. You, at first, start to recognize some of the same faces. Then you start to befriend the other parents and get to know their kids. Then you become a fan of their kids and the other teams. Since joining CJA, we’ve forged so many new relationships. It truly is a large family atmosphere!
Before CJA, I would watch my daughters team perform and then leave. I literally didn’t know a single other parent. A few of the Moms knew each other but usually it was just confined to their kids specific teams. Totally different atmosphere at CJA." - Mr. Van Buskirk

"Our daughters have been participating in All Star cheer for 8 years now. Since we made the move to CJA we have noticed a dramatic increase in not only their skill level, but their confidence as well. The coaches are dedicated to their job and committed to helping each athlete achieve their highest potential. At CJA you are not just a number, you are part of a cheer family unlike no other. Our girls call CJA their forever gym!" - The Fazios

"Coming from a different gym after CJA’s season had begun was a hard decision but the best decision my daughter and I could have made. Immediately, we both could not believe the amount of support, respect, and love from the day she walked into CJA. What a pleasure to be an athlete and parent of your gym. I am so glad that my daughter was able to experience this for her last year as an All-Star Cheerleader. CJA’s training is rigorous, expectations are set above the bar, and the life lessons, and values that you instill in your athletes, and are mentored by your coaches, are more than a class act. It is a privilege to be a part of the CJA Family. My daughter has learned so many life lessons from this sport, especially in the last year. The athletes and parents have not only welcomed us, but have made us to feel like we have been at CJA from the beginning. We are part of the CJA family and are so thankful for this." - Mrs. Conforth

"How can I begin.......my girls have been part of CJA for three years. They have grown emotionally (in height too lol ) physically and mentally. Since I've become one of four photographers I was able to see first hand behind the scenes. I got to see what it takes to become a CJA athlete during their practices. I have witnessed first hand the pressure, resilience, sweat, tears, aches and pains. But most of all I have witness the love Patty Ann and her amazing team of coaches have and demonstrate to each and everyone of them. Joining CJA was by far one of the best decisions my husband and I made for our three girls. It's definitely a second family to us. #loyalty #cja" - Mrs. Ruiz

"When we were in the process of choosing where the next step for our daughter would be, there was the obvious requirement of performance excellence. That was immediately obvious in CJA's championship lineage. But the other aspect of excellence that floated to the top is their evident and natural way they care for my daughter's heart. These are delicate years for a young girl. There are questions of self doubt, loneliness and a need to belong to something bigger. This is not an easy task for these coaches to manage and empower these athletes, and yet they succeed. Flawlessly. So if your intention is to find a place of excellence in athleticism, championships and tenderness for your child and ultimately your family, Central Jersey Allstars is that place." - Mr. Rosal

"I am the proud parent of a CJA cheerleader. This has been my daughter's first year with the program and it has exceeded all of our expectations. This program has offered her excellent training and a competitive spirit essential to excel in her sport. The coaching staff is dedicated and supportive to all of their athletes. They produce top notch programs for all of their teams. The owner and coaches are beyond dedicated to their teams. Besides producing amazing teams and outstanding routines, they have taught my daughter the true meaning of sportsmanship. In only a short time, my daughter has advanced her skills and grown as an athlete. Winning the NCA title this year was a true testament of their excellence. It is with great pride that we call CJA our new home." - Mrs. Cadicina

"To say my girls have learned a lot at CJA is truly an understatement. This time last year not a lot of parents and athletes knew but my daughter had a tumbling block after a few years of cheering and tumbling with CJA. I was devastated, nervous, and scared not knowing what and why the reason she suddenly stopped. To see my daughter stand there and cry because she couldn't do something she loved hurt me so bad. We thought about just having her take a break, finding a new sport but Patty Ann called me and my daughter in personally and assured me everything will work out and there was no need to worry. Gina (her coach and she calls her "my other mom") worked with her one on one 1-2 times a week and she had so much patience with her. During this time they built an unbreakable bond and for that my heart and loyalty will always be with Patty Ann , Gina, and CJA because they believed in her. Less than no time (1-2 months to be exact) she was back and better than before. This is when I realized the true meaning of love like no other. My kids know where home is and there will never be another gym they will call home. Home is CJA!! ??????"
- Mrs. Campbell

"Central Jersey Allstars has made such a huge impact in my children Leibys & Lydell life as well as mine, because of the amazing program, fantastic staff and cheer family. Can’t thank the owner, coaches and parents enough for the love and support they give us – It’s truly a love like no other!! We have formed relationships with people that will last a lifetime. Leibys & Lydell started cheering with CJA in 2008, every year it gets better and better. This place has become their second home and the athletes and coaches have become their family. For the past 8 years the boys enjoyed this athletic, energetic, fun, skilled organization where they not only learned the meaning of hard work and dedication, but team spirit, friendship, pride and the ability to show others how to be proud of your accomplishments no matter what’s the score. They have learned about team work and determination which they will carry with them through their future education as well as the future workforce. The staff has helped them accomplish many awards, NCA, Summit and many national championships, which showed me that anything in life is possible with hard work and dedication. We are so honored to be part this program and enjoy every second we spend with our CJA family."- Mrs. Hernandez

"As we approach year 5 at CJA, I had some time to reflect on the past 4 years. The past 4 years have been nothing less than SPECTACULAR! To the coaches you guys are second to none, a staff that celebrates your child’s success but most importantly hugs your child when they are hurt. You all wear your hearts on your sleeve. I am beyond proud to say my daughter cheers for CJA. You will always find FAMILY wearing black and blues shirts front and center screaming their hearts out for every athlete from babies to world’s teams. Every athlete is known by their first name and they are taught by a group of dedicated coaches. These coaches not only build National Championship teams, but they build respectful and confident athletes. The success of your program is not only defined by banners, awards and jackets, but by the love and passion your teams put on the mat at every single competition. Best decision we ever made for our child. One gym, one heartbeat is CJA! It truly is a love like no other! " - Mr. Milne

"It's been a pleasure following CJA even after Kait moved to college.  Your influence on Kait during our CJA years has given her strength and confidence that will serve her well throughout her life.  It is wonderful that you continue to positively influence young girls and women and teach them to be strong.  Especially in these times when they find it difficult to process reality and fantasy because of the effects of social media.  There needs to be more women like you in the world." - Mrs. DeWeever