Bid Update:

We are extremely proud that we have 4 Paid Bids (2 Summit & 2 Worlds) & 2 additional Summit Bids and it is only January!!!! Our teams are determined and excited to continue on #TheCentralJourney!!!

Jr Ammo - At Large Summit Bid
Bombsquad - Paid Summit Bid
Knockout - Wild Card Summit Bid
Stun Gunz - Paid Summit Bid

Bombshells - Paid Worlds Bid
Team Gunz - Paid Worlds Bid

CJA attends Spirit of Hope Nationals for the first time!

Bullets: 3rd Place
Jr Ammo: 2nd Place
Sharp Shooters: 4th Place
Stun Gunz: NATIONAL CHAMPIONS & Full Paid Bid to The Summit!
Bombshells: 2nd Place & Full Paid Bid to The Cheerleading Worlds!
Team Gunz: 2nd Place

Woodbrige Barrons High School Competition is a success!

All Central Jersey Teams came home with a winning performance! Results below:
Revolvers: Great Performance!
Baby Gunz: 1st Place
Bullets: 1st Place
Junior Ammo: 1st Place
Sharp Shooters: 1st Place
Bombsquad: 1st Place
Knockout: 1st Place
Stun Gunz: 1st Place
Bombshells: 1st Place
Team Gunz: 1st Place & Grand Champs of the Day!

We will be participating in a fundraiser for a foundation that is very dear to our hearts. Cheers From Emily is hosting a “Cheer Off Fundraiser.” For those of you who do not know, Emily was an athlete in our program who passed away four years ago. All profits raised from the Cheer Off will go to the foundation created in her honor, Cheers From Emily. For more information about her foundation click here:


Thank you to all of our CJA Families for your generous donations and gifts for St. Rocco's Shelter.


CJA Kenilworth will be closed Friday 12/23 through Monday 12/26 AND Friday 12/30 through Sunday 1/1.

CJA Garwood will be closed Saturday 12/24 through Monday 12/26 AND Friday 12/30 through Sunday 1/1.

Wishing everyone a Happy & Healthy Holiday Break!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Toys for Tots Drive! Your generosity is appreciated!

WSF Nationals in Louisville, KY
Bullets - National Champions & Prep Grand Champions!
Jr Ammo - 2nd Place & At Large Bid to The Summit!
Sharp Shooters - 2nd Place
Bombsquad - National Champions, Level 3 Grand Champions, & Paid Bid to The Summit!
Knockout - National Champions, Cutting Edge Award, & US Finals Paid Bid!
Stun Gunz - 3rd Place, Cutting Edge Award
Bombshells - 9th Place
Team Gunz - National Champions, Level 5 Grand Champions, & Paid Bid to The Cheerleading Worlds!

Encore Championships in Toms River, NJ

Revolvers - Great Performance!
Baby Gunz - 1st Place
Bullets - 2nd Place
Jr Ammo - 1st Place, Best Stunts, Best Dance, Best Overall level 1, Paid US Finals Bid
Sharp Shooters - 2nd Place, Best Stunts, Best Female Performer - Isabelle M.
Bombsquad - 1st Place, Best Stunt, Best Overall level 3
Knockout - 1st Place, Best Dance, Wild Card Bid to The Summit
Stun Gunz - 1st Place, Best Dance, Best Male Performer - Sefa K., Best Overall Level 4
Bombshells - 2nd Place, Best Female Performer - Julie B.
Team Gunz - 1st Place, Best Pyramid, Best Dance, Best Overall Level 5

UCA Regionals in Toms River, NJ

Bullets - 1st Place
Jr Ammo - 1st Place
Sharp Shooters- 2nd Place
Bombsquad - 1st Place, Grand Champions of Second Session, & Paid Bid to US Finals, Wild Card Bid to The Summit!
Knockout - 1st Place
Stun Gunz - 1st Place, Grand Champions of First Session & Paid Bid to US Finals
Bombshells - 1st Place
Team Gunz - 1st Place & Grand Champions of Third Session

We are gearing up for our first competition this weekend! Catch our teams at UCA Regionals in Toms River as we make our season debut!!!