Tumbling Classes:


Our Tumbling classes maintain a safe, structured training environment.  All classes are offered on a 4 Week Monthly Session.  Classes are available Monday through Friday at 4 & 5pm and Saturdays at 9am, 10am, 11am, & 12pm.  Classes at CJA focus on skill building, strength, flexibility, and conditioning needed to perform and master tumbling skills from basics to advanced.  Your child will receive quality instruction utilizing fundamentals needed to progress as a tumbler.  Tumbling classes at CJA are open to anyone ages 3-18. You do not have to be a CJA member to attend!  See below for a description of each of our classes:


BASICS: Ages 3-7.  Athletes will work the basic technique and progressions leading up to back handsprings.

BEGINNER: Ages 6-18.  Athletes will work all skills up to back handsprings & begin the foundation for tucks.

INTERMEDIATE: Ages 6-18.  Athletes will work all skills up to layouts & begin the foundation of twisting skills.

ADVANCED: Ages 6-18.  Athletes will work all twisting skills through to specialties to doubles.

INVITATIONAL:  This class is for CJA Athletes only.  Athletes are invited to a class based on their current skill set.

CLICK HERE to sign up and find a class that fits your schedule!


Open Gyms:


Open Gyms are two hours.  They are held throughout the year. These are the perfect opportunity to train your skills for tumbling and stunting! Upcoming dates will be posted on our home page and on our social media.  Attendees are able to utilize any equipment in the gym.  Open Gyms at CJA are for anyone ages 6-18. 


Flyer Flexibility & Technique Classes:


Flyer Flexibility & Technique Classes are a 1 hour class offered in a 4 week monthly session.  These classes are designed to enhance flyer flexibility by increasing range of motion in areas needed to hyper extend body positions.  Drills, stretches, and exercises specific to improving strength, stability, and balance are trained. We focus on core strengthening to create beautiful body lines in the air.


Conditioning Classes:


Conditioning Classes are a 1 hour class offered in a 4 week monthly session.  These classes focus on improving overall cardio and endurance specializing in key areas to improve athletes’ strength.  This class is designed for any athlete wishing to improve on their overall fitness level.